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iCog 5: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Higher Cognitive Function

The fifth iCog conference took place at the University of Reading on 21-22 February 2019. Speakers included Sarah Beck (Psychology, Birmingham), Chris Lucas (Informatics, Edinburgh), Philipp Koralus (Philosophy, Oxford) and Dan Bang (Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL). Conference website

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iCog is a network for postgraduate and early-career researchers working in cognitive science in the UK and beyond. iCog seeks to facilitate collaboration across constituent disciplines and to raise the profile of cognitive science. More about iCog | Meet the iCog committees | Contact us

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To foster knowledge exchange and facilitate collaboration across disciplines between postgraduate and early-career researchers, the iCog network has set up iCogS – an international database of researchers in cognitive science. Help make iCogS a useful resource by registering your profile now. Or search the database to get in touch with other researchers.

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