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iCog is a new network for postgraduate and early-career researchers working in cognitive science in the UK and beyond. iCog seeks to facilitate collaboration across constituent disciplines and to raise the profile of cognitive science.
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iCogS database

To foster knowledge exchange and facilitate collaboration across disciplines between postgraduate and early-career researchers, the iCog network is launching iCogS – an international database of researchers in cognitive science. Help make iCogS a useful resource by registering your profile now. Or search the database to get in touch with other researchers.



iCog will also organize an annual conference and workshops throughout the year.

The iCog inaugural conference ‘Interdisciplinarity in Cognitive Science’ took place at the University of Sheffield on 29 November – 1 December 2013.
Keynote speaker: Colin Blakemore
Guest speakers: Rita Astuti, Andy Clark, Vyv Evans, Danielle Matthews, Edmund Rolls.
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