Conferences and Workshops

iCog holds a con­fer­ence every year or so, and occa­sion­al top­ic­al work­shops.

iCog 5: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Higher Cognitive Function
University of Reading, 21–22 February 2019
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iCog 4: Action Perception
University of Oxford, 17–18 June 2017

iCog 3: Sense and Space
University of London, 17–19 February 2016

iCog 2: Perspectives on Learning
University of Edinburgh, 15–16 October 2014

iCog work­shop: Turn-taking in con­ver­sa­tion: a multi-disciplinary approach
University of Sheffield, 9 July 2014

Inaugural con­fer­ence: Interdisciplinarity in Cognitive Science
University of Sheffield, 29 November – 1 December 2013