iCog 4

Action Perception

17th–18th June 2017
Radcliffe Humanities Building, University of Oxford

The con­fer­ence explored the role that per­cep­tu­al pro­cesses play in our capa­city to track and make sense of observed actions by bring­ing togeth­er research­ers work­ing on this top­ic from across the cog­nit­ive sciences.


Riikka Möttönen (Oxford, Psychology)
Shannon Spaulding (Oklahoma State, Philosophy)
Stephen Butterfill (Warwick, Philosophy)
Joshua Shepherd (Oxford, Philosophy)
Alessandro Dell’Anna (Ghent, Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies; Turin, Neuroscience)
Anna Strasser (Berlin, Philosophy)
Casey Landers (Miami, Philosophy)
Eleanore Neufeld (USC, Philosophy)
Henry Powell (Warwick, Philosophy)
Matthew Crippen (Cairo, Philosophy)
Mikolaj Hernik (CEU, Cognitive Development Center)
Tom McClelland (Warwick, Philosophy)

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