iCog 4
Action Perception

Radcliffe Humanities, University of Oxford, 17th–18th June 2017

Saturday, 17th June

10:00–11:30  Josh Shepherd (Oxford): ‘Action, perception and the structure of consciousness’

Henry Powell (Warwick): ‘Mirror Network Activation Solves Bernstein’s Problem for a Set of Action Domains’
Anna Strasser (Berlin): ‘Traditional accounts do not have to feel threatened but they might be encapsulated by the two-system approach’

13:20–14:30  Lunch

Elli Neufeld (USC): ‘Can We Perceive Intentional Actions?’
Mikołaj Hernik (CEU): ‘Agency perception reflects stable constrains from bilaterally symmetrical body plan on animal behaviour’

16:30–18:00  Riikka Möttönen (Oxford): ‘Motor contributions to speech perception’

19:00  Dinner at Al-Shami

Sunday, 18th June

10:00–11:30  Stephen Butterfill (Warwick): ‘A Developmental Puzzle about Goal-Tracking’

Matthew Crippen (Cairo): ‘Aesthetics and Action: Emotions, Situations and the Kuleshov Effect’
Alessandro Dell’Anna (Ghent/Turin): ‘Entrainment and shared representations in joint finger tapping’

13:20–14:30  Lunch

Casey Landers (Miami): ‘Psychology does not show that visual experience represents mental states’
Tom McClelland (Warwick): ‘Understanding the mental actions of other subjects with affordance perception’

16:30–18:00  Shannon Spaulding (Oklahoma): ‘Do you see what I see? How social differences influence mindreading’

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