iCogS Database

Current disciplinary and institutional boundaries pose barriers for researchers in cognitive science to meet one another, exchange knowledge and collaborate. To help ameliorate this problem, the iCog network has set up “iCogS” – an international database of researchers working in one or more of the disciplines of cognitive science. The aims of the database are three-fold:

  • To help researchers working on cognate topics or questions across disciplines to identify one another;
  • To foster knowledge exchange by helping researchers working on a given topic or question to acquaint themselves with the research that is being done on cognate topics or questions in other disciplines;
  • To facilitate collaboration across disciplines. Profiles include a section where researchers can state whether they are interested in collaborating with other researchers, which disciplines they would interested in collaborating with, the topic or question they wish to collaboratively investigate and the methodologies they wish to employ (if known).

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IMPORTANT: When creating your profile, please be sure to include an institutional and/or personal URL (web page), otherwise interested collaborators will not be able to contact you. (Your e-mail address will not be published.)

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